Rather, he must be hospitable, one who loves what is good…Titus 1:8

As we continue with our examination of Paul’s instructions to Titus concerning leadership qualities the last six are positive attributes. Today we are going to look at the first two: hospitable and love what is good.

Both are self explanatory and should be a staple in every leaders character traits. The first hospitable means the leader should be one that invites others into his home showing hospitality to his or her quests. Leaders aren’t to expect others to be hospitable when they themselves aren’t, instead they lead by example.

Next is love wha this good. Leaders are to be a person of large charity and a supporter of good causes according to John Stott. Large in charity means they not only talk about great causes but they are involved themselves.

They give both resources and time to further good causes and support their communities. Leaders often can get off course because they are people of vision they can get single minded and only focus on their cause but leaders of character make time to help other good causes.

Next week we will rap up Titus and look at the remaining traits.

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