It’s not so much how busy you are – but why you are busy. The bee is praised. The mosquito is swatted. Mare O’Conner

If you and I are going to accomplish anything worth wild in 2020 it is going to have to take Focus. Focus one dictionary defines as, the center of interest or activity. It is paramount to one’s success.

Focus comes from our why’s, if we know why we are doing something it helps us be centered on accomplishing that one thing. One of the problems today is we can get so overwhelmed with life that we lose our focus.

When I entered full time ministry years ago my focus was doing ministry. Helping others find their purpose and freedom from the world’s vices was my focus. The problem was I forgot God was to be my focus and if I did not take care of that relationship I wouldn’t be able to help others effectively.

Focus comes from knowing what your purpose is and then putting our attention on accomplishing what God has put in us to do. Everything we do comes back to our purpose, decisions made, tasks taken, relationships all lead back to purpose and focus.

If we are looking at the wrong things we forget where we intend to go and lose focus. Pain, heartache, discouragement , etc. can get us off track and lose focus. This is why it is so important to have self care or work on you and these things will come but they won’t get you off course.

I want to encourage you today what are you focused on is it the problems of life or the good in life? If negatives realign your thoughts and get back on course.
Remember God is not mad at you He’s mad about you !

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