Can you believe we are getting ready to start a new year? 2020 is fast upon us and time doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. For some this time of year is difficult while others there is an excitement. In this blog I want to talk about a Fresh Start to better face the new year.

This time of year is exciting for me, it was on January 1, 1994 that I gave my life fully to the Lord. After years of addictions and running from God I came to a place of no return either give my life to God or continue a life of misery, I chose God and have never been the same. The passage in 2 Corinthians became true in my life (Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.)

I was totally changed never to return to the life without God. Soon after II started to preach the gospel first sharing my testimony then preaching in churches an dthe local jail. God did an awesome miracle in my life, but even though my spirit was brand new I needed to renew my mind and still to this day that is happening.

So, every year I reflect on where God has brought me from and in doing this I start planning and thinking about where God is taking me now. Every year has new challenges and opportunities which to me is very exciting.

God is into us renewing our vision and setting goals for the new year and it is exciting to behold. When I read God’s Word I see so many of the patriarchs faced with new fresh opportunities and acts of faith.

The past couple of years I personally have taken time to reflect but also to plan for the up coming year. Starting last month I chose three books that I know would challenge me and help me to plan for the upcoming year.

All three books were not only motivating but they also gave action steps to put in place for the upcoming year. The outcome has been refreshing my Vision for the ministry and my personal life, also renewing my mission.

Next I have set some specific goals that are in alignment with my vision and values. I wrote them down in my journal so I can look at them daily.

I personally don’t just write them down but I then determine what resources I need to accomplish them. Books, podcasts, seminars etc. which also help me grow and enable me to accomplish my goals.

God wants us to succeed but He also wants us to grow and become all that we can be. Benjamin Disraeli said, “Success is for a many to be ready when its time.” I love this quote because it describes life and how you and I need to prepare for all that God has for us.

I want to conclude with an challenge for you: Do you have your vision and mission written down? Do you have goals? If so what are you doing to accomplish them?

Take time to be with God ask Him to help you to accomplish all He has for you. God Bless!

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